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Search Engine Optimization – the process of making a site and its content highly relevant for both the search engines and searchers.

Many are knowledgeable on search engine optimization Рin fact, the skill is one of the top requirements to make money online as a freelance writer. However, in the many  instances that I am in need of some software for schoolwork, I see a lot of examples of websites that are only optimized for the search engines, but not for the searchers as there is nothing of value on the following site at all. All it does is lead you in circles.

Photoshop SEO

It can be very easy to just fall to this temptation and list down organizational communication for at least 40 times in one of my posts. However, the repetition of keywords is just a part of search engine optimization. Content is still important when it comes to optimizing the site for searchers – with the proper positioning of keywords and the readability of the post and its network of links.

I’m not an expert on search engine optimization to tell people¬† how do it properly. But at least I know what it’s not.


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