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August is the Competition Season for UP Organizational Communication Seniors and the rest of the students in the very broad fields of business and/or communication. Several organizations have opened their doors to welcome fresh ideas that would spearhead change for our nation – very timely for the May 2010 Elections.

  • MarkProfMarkProf Foundation, IncEvery year, the Markprof Foundation searches for the twenty-five most promising graduating college-level students who want to pursue careers in the fields of Marketing and Sales. The screening process includes business simulations, interviews, and case studies to choose the lucky few who would then proceed to a two-month long Marketing Bootcamp to learn from CEOs and Presidents of top companies across industries.

We Organizational Communication Seniors had compromised our part-time jobs, health and other academic responsibilities in order to pursue that elusive ‘First Place’ crown for us and our institution. Mind you, that was BY CHOICE and not BY FORCE. Imagine the frustration of everyone with the results of the competitions. And by the way, YES, I am being purposely vague. 😛

However, I have not gone home empty-handed. I had taken with me lessons learned, nuggets of wisdom,  realizations and just plain reminders. Here are SOME of them:

  • Starting early on and not cramming does not guarantee success. I had always been a crammer (I’m still working my way out of that ‘title’) and when I fail, I always thought that if I had worked on something earlier, I would have gotten better results. This is one of the few instances that I started early. However, this doesn’t mean that we should always cram instead. Still NO TO CRAMMING. 😛
  • We definitely knew that it’s not manner over matter. However, it’s not matter over manner, either. It’s matter AND manner. ‘Nuff said.
  • The Background/Need/Rationale is just as important as the Strategies and Tactics. Extreme caution is necessary.
  • Rehearsals and run-throughs are not just preferable, but NECESSARY.
  • Extra-curricular activities are called EXTRA for a reason. Some things are just not worth the effort and the sacrifice.

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